St. Joseph Independent School Council

The philosophy statement for the Catholic Independent Schools of Nelson Diocese recognizes parents as the child’s first teachers. Parents have the primary responsibility for the education and Christian formation of their children. Our schools exist to complement this responsibility, not to replace it. Parents have a right to the Church’s help with their responsibilities as teachers of their children.

Parents also play an important role as elected members of school councils. Through its constitution the Catholic Independent Schools Society of Nelson Diocese delegates some of its authority to these councils to ensure the effective operations of schools throughout the diocese. The objectives of the School Council are listed in the Catholic Independent Schools of Nelson Diocese Policy Manual.

  • Helena Duarte - Chair

  • Christine Schmidt - Education

  • Fr. Paul- Pastor

  • Laura Smith - Member at Large

  • Ways and Means - Vacant

  • Jomar Ayudtod - Maintenance

  • Finance- Vacant

little kid student focused doing an activity in a classroom