St. Joseph Catholic School is a Group 1 Independent School and as such follows the curriculum requirements set out by the BC Ministry of Education. In addition to these standards, we strive to enrich the learning experience through extra-curricular activities and expanded programming.

We are passionate about the importance of family, faith and community. Specialized programs to support students with learning difficulties or challenge students with gifts and talents ensure that your child will have the opportunity to reach his or her potential. At St. Joseph we focus on educating the whole person, teaching children that they are valued members of a community and preparing them for life.

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kidergarten students talking to each other on the classroom

Explore. Engage. Discover.

Kindergarten Program

In Kindergarten your child will learn the basic fundamentals of math, reading, and writing. They will begin to master letters, sounds and words and take their first steps towards reading. 

At this age, children are natural learners, full of wonder and curiosity about the world. Play-based activities give them opportunities to foster their social-emotional learning, self-regulation and relationships with peers. At St. Joseph School your child's Kindergarten classroom will include areas for dramatic play, loose parts, games, puzzles, books, visual arts and music.

Our Kindergarten teachers create supportive learning programs that are intentional, child-centred and inclusive. They provide both academic and emotional support, helping each child grow in confidence and independence.

two young students reading a book seating in the grass

Imagine. Create. Communicate.

Elementary Program

Reading, writing, and numeracy are the building blocks of our Elementary Program. From Grades 1 through 5 our students develop intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually. As they advance from the primary to intermediate grades they begin to take a greater level of responsibility for questioning, researching and sharing what they know. Understanding that peer relationships are important, our teachers choose projects and assignments that encourage collaboration, communication and compromise. At St. Joseph School we recognize that each child is unique. Our Elementary Program accommodates a wide variety of children's needs, developmental stages and learning styles. It addresses the development of the whole child with the understanding that children learn through active engagement and play.

middle school student focused doing an activity on his desk

Serve. Lead. Succeed.

Middle School Program

At St. Joseph School our Grade 6 and 7 years are based on the Middle School model. Language arts, math, science, social studies, French and physical education are all taught by specialist teachers. By sharing a campus with the Elementary students, our Middle Schoolers are empowered to be leaders and role models in a safe environment where all teachers know them by name.