Tuition Rates

St. Michael's School is recognized by the Ministry of Education as a Group 1 Independent School, entitling us to the maximum funding available, 50% of the per pupil operating cost of the local school district (no funds are provided for capital expenditure).  Other funds are obtained via tuition fees, parish subsidies, fundraising activities, donations and bequests.

       NOTE:  St. Michael's School is a member of the Society of Independent Schools of Nelson Diocese, and is able to accept donations and issue income tax receipts.

Monthly Tuition Fee for Kindergarten-Grade 7

First child $327 per month for 10 months
Second child $203 per month for 10 months
Third child $203 per month for 10 months
Fourth child $203 per month for 10 months

 (Tuition is tax deductible.)

Annual Fee for Kindergarten - Grade 7  ($140 - per child )

The annual fee includes consumable workbooks, agenda, necessary school supplies, musical instruments, and school t-shirts when required.

Note: A 2% discount will be given to families who pay Full tuition for the school year on or before July 1st, of the year's start.

The above tuition rates have been approved by the St. Michael's School Council effective the 2023-2024 school year. 

These rates are reviewed on an annual basis by the school council. 

Tuition can be paid by pre-authorized debit or by e-transfer: